Dear Fellow Republican Women,

Welcome to the website for the Dauphin County
Council of Republican Women. It is our hope that
we can assist you in keeping up to date with
events happening within the Republican Party.

Thank you for stopping by the website, I hope you
will come back soon and check for updates.

Marilyn Dowling
President DCCRW
Dauphin County
Council of Republican Women
Dear Fellow Republicans:

February is almost over and the weather has been trying
for certain.  While we fight snow and freezing
temperatures, we are also gearing up for the May
Primary.  We are so proud to offer continued support for
our County Row Officers including: Janis Creason,
Treasurer; Jean Marfizo King, Register of Wills and Clerk
of the Orphans Court; Dale Klein, Clerk of Courts; Jim
Zugay, Recorder of Deeds; Ed Marsico, District Attorney.  
We also welcome Nick Chimienti, candidate for Sheriff
and Tim DeFoor, candidate for Controller.  Our County
Commissioners, Jeff Haste and Mike Pries are also
running for re-election.  Please sign their petitions and
show your support.

The County Endorsement Meeting was held on February
14th and was successful and enlightening.  I was
honored to speak at this meeting on behalf of DCCRW
and was shown support and encouragement as we look
forward to our upcoming meetings and events.  On
Saturday, Feb. 28th, Dauphin County Chairman, Justin
Warren will address the members of DCCRW at a
breakfast meeting at the Linglestown Family Restaurant
at 9 a.m.  Please feel free to join us at this meeting.  This
is also a good opportunity to sign petitions for our

Marilyn Dowling,
President DCCRW

(c) 2012 Dauphin County Council of Republican Women