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Dauphin County
Council of Republican Women

President Trump has some major
accomplishments that we don't often hear about
from many media outlets as he completes his first
year in office.
Let's take a look and reach out to acknowledge
his commitment to Make America Great Again!

  • Put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court
  • Rolled back the strangling regulations   
    imposed by his predecessor
  •  Moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to  
  • Pulled the country out of the Paris Climate
    Accord saving our job creators millions of
  • The stock market is currently soaring and
  • the unemployment numbers are crashing to
    a 17-year low for all Americans
  • Approved the construction of the Keystone
    XL Pipeline which will should lead to the
    creation of 42,000 jobs for our workers
  • Has been focusing on enforcement of our
    immigration laws to create a level playing
    field for those who seek to join us legally
  • Has taken care of our Veterans with several
    major policy changes which were long
    overdue to provide faster services for claims,
    access to education and more health care
  • Addressed the American Farm Bureau
    Federation Convention, the first President to
    do so after 25 years.  He spoke about
    Broadband access, a better deal on NAFTA
    and his tax overhaul which should benefit
    farm families.

here are many more laws and policies for
which he receives little to no credit.  We
should thank him and those in Congress who
choose to work with him and Vice President
Pence in pursuit of a better America for all
our citizens!