Dear Fellow Republican Women,

Welcome to the website for the Dauphin County Council
of Republican Women. It is our hope that we can assist
you in keeping up to date with events happening within
the Republican Party.

Thank you for stopping by the website, I hope you will
come back soon and check for updates.

Marilyn Dowling
President DCCRW
Dauphin County
Council of Republican Women
Dear Fellow Republicans:

The Holidays are approaching quickly and we are
thankful for so much.  A country where we have the
freedoms to pray, worship, vote and speak our minds
without fear of imprisonment.

Our Christmas and Awards Dinner was held on
December 11.  We were proud to initiate a new Lifetime
Achievement Award on a bi-annual basis.  This is the
first time such an award has been given and we were so
pleased to award Samuel Rip Marsico with this honor.  
Rip has volunteered in politics since the 1960's and
continues to give his support and share his knowledge
with various individuals considering running for office
in Dauphin County.  He is most proud to have worked on
every campaign for the past 20+ years for his son,
Representative Ron Marsico, 105th District and also for
District Attorney Ed Marsico for many years as well.

2015 will be another busy year and we hope you will
consider joining our Club and becoming a part of this
worthwhile organization.

We wish all of you the very best Christmas Season and a
Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

Marilyn Dowling,
President DCCRW

(c) 2012 Dauphin County Council of Republican Women