Dear Fellow Republican Women,

Welcome to the website for the Dauphin County Council
of Republican Women. It is our hope that we can assist
you in keeping up to date with events happening within
the Republican Party. We will do our best to keep this
site fresh and up to date in an effort to be a resource
for information that will be helpful, informative and

Please take a minute to look through the pages and see
what we have to offer. Membership forms are available
on the site for regular membership and sustaining
membership. We will strive to be a resource for the
women of Dauphin County and we will work with the
Dauphin County Republican Committee to keep you

Thank you for stopping by the website, I hope you will
come back soon and check for updates.

Marilyn Dowling
President DCCRW
Dauphin County
Council of Republican Women
Dear Fellow Republicans:
he fall election cycle is upon us!  While summer was
busy, the fall months will be jam packed with events and
candidates to support.  My hope is that the Republican
voting population does not repeat the terrible turnout
we experienced in the primary.  We need ALL
Republican voters to exercise their duty and vote.    In
order for us to maintain Republican control of the
House, our Governor needs our support to continue
working for us, we need everyone to get out and vote.  
All of the candidates need our support, even if you do
not like a particular candidate, please vote on election
day, support the Party and all of those candidates who
strive to work so hard for us.  Voting is vital if we are to
maintain our edge and we simply MUST maintain that
edge.  First Lady Susan Corbett joined the PFRW in
Pittsburgh at convention and spoke about the work her
husband, our Governor is doing.  PFRW also installed
it's new President, Barbara Cross, of Cumberland Co.  
Welcome President Cross, we all look forward to your

Marilyn Dowling

(c) 2012 Dauphin County Council of Republican Women