This $1000.00 scholarship is to provide assistance to an undergraduate student.  Applicants to
the scholarship program must be a female resident of Dauphin County and in her final year of
secondary education.  Additionally, the student applicant must be a registered Republican or if
too young to register, a parent and/or guardian must be registered in the Republican Party.  

This Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding student who is selected by the Scholarship
Committee on the basis of Academic Performance and Leadership Potential as demonstrated
by high school grades, Scholastic Achievement Test scores and extracurricular activities.

For questions or forms contact:  vaneck@comcast.net

Deadline for application is March 30, 2018.

Evidence of Leadership Potential

Applicant must submit the attached application; a 500-word essay discussing their interests and
activities in school and/or Community (example: work on political campaigns or other community
service) and their interest and/or activity in politics (example: student government, American
History, voting, etc.); transcript; and two Letters of Recommendation.  All applications must be
completed and returned with the above mentioned documents, no later than March 30, 2018 and
submitted to:

Melissa Van Eck, President
Dauphin County Council of Republican Women
376 Barnett Circle
Harrisburg, PA 17112