February 5                105th Endorsement Meeting
                            7:00 p.m.  Lower Paxton Mun. Bdg.

February 13               First Day to Circulate Petitions

February 17               DCCRW Council Meeting
                             9 AM   Location Skyline Diner

March 3                9-11 AM Petition Return at Cocoa Beanery
                             12-2 PM Petition Return at Wooden Nickel

March 4                2-4 PM  Petition Return at DCRC HQ

March 6                      Last Day to Circulate and File Petitions  

March 26                    DCCRW Council Meeting
                             7 PM   Location TBA

April 21                       DCCRW Council Meeting
                             9 AM Location TBA

May 15                        Primary Election

May 21                        DCCRW Council Meeting
                             7 PM Location TBA

June 25                       DCCRW Summer Picnic
                              6 PM Dowling Residence